37in x 27in x 11in  35in x 26in x 12in  34in x 23in x 14in  38in x 21in x 9in  gates  group of dogs  group of dogs

[ Dog sculptures constructed from rebar, metal mesh, concrete, glass, and mortar.]

Monkey Bird Park: Nature and Sculpture Park
....a work in progress

Monkey Bird Park is a heavily wooded, rocky, privately owned, 20 acre tract of land located in Linn County, near Mound City, KS. It is intended as a green friendly natural park area with walking trails and art sculptures. The land was purchased in 2006 and is in the early stages of development. In 2007, an open area, walking paths, and a small parking area was cleared. In 2008 a small parking area was leveled and graveled. It is anticipated when substanial progress on the sculptures has been made, the gates to the park will be open on some type of regular schedule while work continues. Until then, it is officially open one day each year. THE 2018 OPEN DATE IS OCTOBER 6th.

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